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How do you defend against the evolving group of perpetrators of active and mass shootings?

These offenders are more adaptive, shrewd and sophisticated than you think.


At our exclusive Virtual Lunch & Learn on January 25th, we will detail factors that are within our control during these dynamic events and offer vital instruction for your personal safety that you can share with your family.


(This is not Run-Hide-Fight security training.)


To Understand The Offender Is To Understand The Risk

Click here to request an invitation to the event.

About Our Presenter


Mr. Jin Kim is an active shooter subject matter expert from the FBI’s Crisis Management Unit. With the Bureau for 23 years, he served as the leading authority in all active shooter substantive matters. During his decorated FBI career, Mr. Kim was responsible for programming and administering tactical readiness training for both domestic duties and international deployments and he trained countless law enforcement officers in tactical and active shooter response. He is a certified ALERRT/FBI Active Shooter Tactical Instructor and served as both a certified Tactical Operator and Observer / Sniper on the FBI’s Special Weapons & Tactics Enhanced Team. Mr. Kim’s career also included numerous international deployments in support of the FBI’s global investigative mission and war on terror.



An attorney and former Special Agent of the United States Secret Service, Christopher Falkenberg founded Insite Risk Management in 2002. He leads an elite team that solves complex physical and operational security challenges and enables clients to become more resilient especially during crisis situations. 

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