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Prescriptive security evaluations.

Risk Assessments

There is a wide range of assets at-risk in the everyday operation of a global company. Using our proven methodology, we survey challenges to physical and operational security from all angles to identify vulnerabilities. We provide an impact analysis of the consequences of a security breach or life-safety emergency and our report clearly articulates the priorities to enhanced security that focuses first on people, then property and brand reputation. As independent risk management experts, our recommendations reflect only our clients’ best interests.

Physical/IT Security Assessments

Physical access systems are only as secure as the weakest credential it accepts. There are many security considerations when maintaining these systems. Are access credentials are disabled when employees leave the company? Migration to new technology creates vulnerabilities if the older technology is not disabled at the readers. How easy is it to create a counterfeit or rogue credential? What safeguards and monitors are in place for these systems? For all these issues and many more, Insite provides an independent, unbiased review of entire physical access control eco-system including physical access control, video management and visitor management. 


Threat Assessments

Many of our corporate clients have a duty-of-care to protect their employees at home and abroad. This can be a cumbersome prospect with companies expanding every day to regions of the world where they have not done business in the past. Insite offers several specific services to help a company address their concerns and support employees as they integrate into their new environments. Country Threat and Risk Assessments are key to any expansion plan and should analyze a location's infrastructure, government stability and local crime trends as potential threats to a company’s people, brand and assets. Tracking the movements of known terror groups to a region assists in determining a security posture needed in a specific region. Our global team of experts specializes in assessing internal and external threats, which may impact living conditions and decisions about corporate housing. We help determine what security is needed at corporate and third party partner facilities that may warehouse corporate assets. These are just some of the services we provide to help our clients assess threats that may impact their business.


Residential Security Surveys

Family security reflects many interconnected factors such as their public profile and daily movements, the age of children, travel patterns, employees and residential assets. The outcome of our residential surveys is a security profile that reflects how the risk relevant factors impact each other in the context of existing security programs, and a true assessment of vulnerabilities. Our findings come with recommendations for security enhancements that are effective, efficient and workable for the family and their staff.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure (TSCM) Sweeps & Intrusion Tests

The goal of a TSCM sweep is to discover electronic eavesdropping devices and security hazards or weaknesses in interior spaces, vehicles and other locations. All TSCM sweeps are performed in a highly bespoke manner to protect the privacy of our clients. Additionally, our highly trained personnel conduct 'stress tests' of access control and other corporate security measures in place. We provide full documentation of vulnerabilities uncovered along with recommendations on the best way to fill identified gaps. 

Internet Profile Assessments

Just as our physical and operational surveys identify security risks in the real world, our internet profile assessments uncover vulnerabilities in the virtual world. Using a suite of proprietary software and expert investigation practices, we conduct an in-depth 30-day study of a client's digital persona to understand what vulnerabilities exist. Then, we provide actionable steps to mitigate specific threats and reduce unnecessary exposure. These assessments inform the deployment of mitigating strategies encompassed in our Internet Threat Management practice.

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