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Integrated protocol-driven solutions.

Fintech Security Program

Asset managers investing in digital currencies are markedly more vulnerable to theft and insider threat. Those most heavily invested in crypto are aware of the substantial risk of storing their funds exclusively in a digital wallet and opt for the more secure method of an actual hard wallet. However, without the right security plan in place, many things can go wrong, ranging from bad actors devising a way to steal this device or using force to coerce its owner to transfer funds into a different account. Our Fintech Security Program is a purposefully conceived solution for managers of cryptocurrency assets. These programs are supervised by a dedicated manager experienced in digital currency security and are backed by a full team of security professionals who quickly:

  • Perform an assessment of the current security profile and make recommendations on how best to protect your most valuable assets, staff, and work space.

  • It is shockingly easy to ascertain the whereabouts, home address, travel plans or online presence of executives managing virtual currency. Executive protection services and personal information removal services will protect all who are capable of accessing crypto funds.

  • Insite will design a physical crypto wallet security plan with multi-layered, redundant access protocols and security procedures around transaction ceremonies, which meet or exceed the standards established by governing bodies, such as ICANN or IANA, and will satisfy auditor and investor expectations.

  • Insite has tailored security measures for asset managers to effectively prevent, interrupt or minimize the damage wreaked by an insider attack. We provide background investigations on critical personnel and all new hires to best identify threats before they arise.

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