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Investigating New Hires

We were called by a client to fully investigate a candidate with the last name ‘Jones’ for a C-suite position after a research firm provided a 12-page background check report. The report contained only third-party data and indicated the candidate had an unreported misdemeanor conviction.


Our investigation team gathered their own information to build the candidate’s profile. The lead investigator went to the court where the arrest was processed and the team discovered the arrest was erroneously associated to the candidate, who had a different middle name than the arrestee. Further investigation revealed the candidate was in a different location all together at the time of the arrest. After receiving the report from our team, the client extended an offer of employment to the candidate who may otherwise have been rejected for a crime they did not commit.


Takeaways: Unverified data will never provide a complete profile for job candidates. Experienced investigators develop sources and authenticate information to give an accurate assessment of a person’s history.

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