Relentless pursuit of the facts.

Employment Investigations

We help you hire the best people possible by investigating candidates for any position— from corporate executives to nannies. Beyond in-depth searches of sophisticated databases, our investigators use old-fashioned legwork to find what other firms miss: un-indexed information, paper court dockets and FOIA requests. We uncover issues like often over-looked regulatory infractions in global trading centers. Read the case study.


Over time, employees at all levels change. They can shift from being trustworthy to being a risk, especially with their access to valuable assets and privileged information. We believe that it is particularly important to perform recurring investigations on certain employees like I.T. managers or personal assistants. Our investigators identify the subtle shifts that are inherent in employees that become insider threats. Read the case study.


Transactional Intelligence / Due Diligence

Due Diligence is an investigation of a business (and associated individuals) prior to engaging in various types of business transactions including potential investments, vendors, and third-party IT or HR companies. These investigations provide decision-makers with detailed information to evaluate prior to signing a contract. Transactional intelligence helps mitigate potential risk to a company, be it financial, operational, or reputational. Our multi-disciplinary team of investigators, analysts, attorneys and subject matter experts collaborate to provide unparalleled thoroughness in sourcing information about those who are crucial to  a deal — those holding positions with a special element of trust. We apply the most extensive behavior assessment processes by personally interviewing subjects and references in order to determine any underlying risks. The key is to interpret disparate components of a profile and perform follow-on investigative work. We deliver a nuanced and contextualized written narrative that analyzes the subtle behavior patterns and ‘red flags’ that are essential to understanding risks associated with the transaction. 


Fraud & Workplace Matters

We perform all kinds of investigations, gathering electronic and physical evidence under the radar for criminal or civil suits involving issues like non-compete or other contractual agreements or illegal behavior on the part of employees. Employment terminations often lead to forensic reviews of documents, contacts, email files, calendars, photos, texts, chat sessions and other data resident on corporate computers and smartphones. We use sophisticated investigative tools and have a proven track record of obtaining information for clients in highly creative ways.


Stalking & Threat Mitigation

Our experts track groups or individuals of interest that often reveals threatening behavior and patterns. Clients may be famous or controversial figures; when they are harassed, our surveillance team monitors the threat, clarifies the risk and provides evidence for a restraining order or documents the violation of an existing one. We investigate and identify the source of anonymous threats delivered electronically or through social media and monitor those individuals to anticipate and prevent disruptions at special events such as shareholder meetings or PR events.


Litigation Support

We use every available tool to help litigators build their cases, from investigations, surveillance and computer forensics to Internet and database research. Insite also provides operational services to litigators such as finding and serving difficult or uncooperative witnesses. When a case goes to trial, we assist in the voir dire process by handling juror questionnaires overnight.