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Securing ideas and brand assets.

Trademark/Patent Protection

In today's global marketplace, brands are expanding around the world. With this growth, the risk of trademark and patent infringement increases exponentially in both the physical and virtual realms. Our suite of protective services includes many cutting edge resources including online brand monitoring, first use/actual use investigations, uncovering piracy of trade secrets and conducting global investigations to identify infringers. With the evolution of the Dark Web we have found that no program can truly assess and or address the risks unless it has a cyber component. Our cyber criminologists, investigators and IP experts work together to provide a comprehensive approach to securing your intellectual property. We work closely with our clients to assess their needs and provide a customized approach to protect their brand.


Corporate Espionage

Industries in the United States spend more on research and development than any other country in the world. With companies and countries competing for market share there are definite dangers in not securing your pipeline. Insite assists clients in securing their pipeline by vetting third party developers and thoroughly investigating candidates for employment or incumbent employees to mitigate the insider threat. We employ sophisticated surveillance methods and countermeasures to identify the source of data leaks should they occur. We look to identify how the data was stolen who stole and how to make sure that this does not happen again. Insite also provides monitoring of various forums that are known to auction stolen products, CAD designs and information that can compromise a company. Our comprehensive approach addresses vulnerabilities from product inception to testing to product launch.


Anti-Counterfeiting/Brand Protection

Insite has global reach to track trace and engage infringers to secure samples of counterfeit goods. We are able to assist clients with administrative or criminal raids depending on the jurisdiction and region of the world. We can undertake market surveys around the globe to aid clients in assessing the flow and market saturation of counterfeit goods in various regions. Discrete online purchases and investigations are available if needed as well. Insite provides a complete outsourced brand protection program where we can provide dedicated resources to address specific needs onsite or through remote locations.

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