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Integrated protocol-driven solutions.

Why Outsource Corporate Security?

A programmatic approach to security and life-safety reduces liability and provides the appropriate duty-of-care standards to:


  • Respond to incidents to preserve life, property, information, and reputation;

  • Create clear procedures for threat management in both the virtual and physical worlds; and

  • Provide a safe, secure and stable work environment that is attractive to a diverse work force.

Click on the links below to learn how our multi-disciplinary team brings best practices and workable strategies from across the security spectrum to companies and family offices. We assume all risk and manage HR, licensing and personnel matters.​


Asset Manager Protection  Program

All companies have unique risks and asset managers, in particular, are often targets of social activists and sophisticated criminals... 

Fintech Security Program

While the risk of dealing with virtual assets is real and
measurable, Insite can offer its experience in crafting crypto security
plans to mitigate challenges.....

Family Office Security Program

Family Offices need enterprise level security yet often are focused on other priorities...

Residential Building Security Program

High-end residential buildings need a security program that protects privacy and reduces liability...


Force Management

We assume all responsibility for guard management – hiring, scheduling, training, bonding and handling compliance and insurance. ..

Managed Security
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