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Trains: Old Vulnerabilities Die Hard

Last month's London tube bombing is not an anomaly. In fact, it draws a parallel between an incident that occurred twelve years ago, when suicide bombers killed 52 travelers on London Underground trains. September's attack reveals the stark reality that in over a decade, there still is no cohesive way to guarantee train security.

Trains have become increasingly susceptible to impending threats. In the August issue of its propaganda magazine “Inspire,” al-Qaida defined trains as a key terrorist target and called for its followers to focus on trains specifically in the United States and Europe. As typical for "Inspire" articles, there was instruction on methods for carrying out terrorist activities.

Takeaway: With rising threats to train security, it is important for individuals to take the responsibility upon themselves to increase safety measures while traveling. To minimize the risk of a train threat, individuals should practice situational awareness and understand the vulnerabilities they may face.

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