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Hackers Target New Amazon Technology

Being an early-adopter has its perks, but sometimes it’s best to give the latest innovation some time to settle, especially when it comes to personal safety.

Amazon’s new convenience technology, the Amazon Key and Cloud Cam combo, is the latest hacker win. Amazon Key is a home-delivery service that enables the delivery-person to authenticate themselves via the Amazon Cloud Cam during a specified delivery time and location. Once authenticated, the delivery-person has access to the home to deliver the package.

However, Rhino Security Labs – a technology research firm - easily hacked the system and enabled a person to disconnect the system from the WiFi network. This disconnection freezes the system on the last image, making it seem like everything is A-OK at the location, when, in fact, the home is now open to a breach. Amazon has responded, stating a coming software update should help address the problem. But it doesn’t seem like a real fix has been figured out yet. Stay tuned…

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