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Las Vegas Victims Cite Negligence as Concert Venue's Pitfall

In the aftermath of the October 1st Las Vegas attack, over 450 victims are now suing the organizations responsible for the concert’s lack of security. The lawsuit targets MGM Resorts International, owner of Mandalay Bay (site of the shooting) and Live Nation, the organizer of the concert, claiming that both companies were careless.

The victims are arguing that MGM lacked comprehensive security policies and failed to thoroughly train its staff on measures of emergency preparedness. MGM’s delayed response to the beginnings of Paddock’s rampage as well as its insufficient surveillance of the premises have also been cited as reasons for the lawsuit. The victims are further arguing that MGM played an especially prominent role in helping Paddock execute his attack; they claim MGM unintentionally enabled Paddock to transport his weapons by giving him access to a service elevator not available to the public.

Live Nation is likewise under scrutiny as the organizer of the country music festival where the attack occurred. The plaintiffs argue that Live Nation neither properly trained its employees in emergency protocol nor provided enough exits for victims to vacate the premises. According to the lawsuit, this lack of preparation limited the ability of victims to escape the gunfire, increasing the number of injuries.

Takeaway: The presence of a security guard is not enough to maintain event security -- especially at "soft targets" (venues where many potential victims can be attacked). Rather, It is crucial to cover all bases with a security plan and set protocols in place. Contact us to learn more about Insite's event security capabilities and how we can help any organization prepare to handle emergencies including active shooters.

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