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What's Wrong With This Picture?

travel alert

Following a string of seemingly related package explosions, the state of Texas is on guard. Officials from the FBI and ATF believe an explosion at a FedEx processing center in San Antonio may be linked to four other deadly bombings that occurred recently in Austin. If related, the San Antonio incident marks the first attempt by the perpetrator to utilize a professional mail service, as opposed to leaving an explosive device for unsuspecting victims to stumble across.

What can we learn from this string of events? If you encounter a suspicious package, there are several steps you should take to protect yourself and others. Primarily, remain calm and be sure to isolate the item. Notify the authorities immediately with a detailed analysis of why the object appears suspect.

Be sure to document the location of the mail or package along with a list of names of the persons in the immediate area of the suspicious item. Law enforcement will provide guidance regarding shelter-in-place or evacuation. However, if you feel you are in immediate danger, calmly evacuate the area. Distance and protective cover are the best ways to reduce injury from a bomb.

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