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Travel Smart This Summer

travel alert

Summer is here so let the travel begin! While it is exciting to explore new destinations – whether for work or pleasure – it’s important to prepare for the unexpected. Insite’s travel security experts often develop itinerary-specific action plans that cover what to do in the event of political unrest, medical emergency, threat to personal safety or other issues like a lost passport.

Often, our travel security programs start with a thorough itinerary assessment, where we look at everything from a hotel’s security track record to event venues and ground transportation bonafides. In our pre-travel advisories, we analyze terrorist activity or significant anti-American sentiment and offer a gauge of the security environment of any destination based on actual events.

Insite also helps clients with 24/7 on-call medical emergency/evacuation support and world-class hostage negotiators in the unlikely event of a kidnapping.

Takeaway: Enjoy the season and wherever it takes you but plan ahead. Rely on Insite’s experts to provide a full range of travel security services that will help manage risks inherent in visiting unfamiliar destinations.

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