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Diligence is Required for C-Level Hires

Completing a background check on employees might seem like a no-brainer for most companies, where the standard includes checking criminal history and references. But when hiring for a C-level position, what additional steps should be taken for candidates that have a solid career history?

Last week, the CEO of Samsonite stepped down following accusations that he falsified his doctorate degree in business administration. Following this news, Samsonite's stock fell and their business practices came into question, which could possibly deter potential investors or business affiliates.

Takeaway: A thorough diligence process of candidates for leadership positions will mitigate risks that could negatively affect a company and even lead to the downfall of a brand. Diligence for a C-level hire should include an in-depth look at their educational background, business associations, and often includes interviews with references and former employees.

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