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Can USB Devices Spread Malware or Exfiltrate Data? You Bet!

This week at the summit in Singapore, journalists were given gift bags containing a fan that plugged into a USB port. USB devices are common gifts at corporate events and conferences and always have some company’s logo so hopefully, one day, you might contact them for business (which let’s be honest, you never do). Most likely the thought will cross your mind that you could use a few extra USB devices handy – especially since they’re free – because why not?

Did you know that many of these USB gifts are really being used to bypass security measures to access private information? It's wise to have healthy skepticism about the intent of the distributor of free USB devices, which could be designed to surreptitiously download malicious software or tap into data stored on your computer.

Takeaway: Next time you’re at a corporate function, make it your priority to avoid freebies like these, no matter how enticing they may be.

#cybersecurity #spyware #informationprotection #USBdevicesecurity

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