World Cup Travel Safety

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For the next month everyone will be enjoying the 2018 FIFA World Cup taking place in Moscow. Most people will be watching safely from home, but if you’re lucky enough to be attending the games in Russia here are some personal security tips to stay safe while you are there.

Upon landing in Russia, it is important that your host (hotel, apartment, etc.) registers you within 24-hours of your arrival. This registration is given to Russian authorities. Cybersecurity concerns in Russia are high so be sure to use WiFi-enabled devices on safe and secure networks that you can trust – or just not at all. Using a free/open network can give threat actors an all-access pass to your most private information.

While exploring be sure to (securely) carry your passport with you - Russian police can stop you and ask for proof of ID at any time. Do not keep your passport in a jacket pocket or handbag as pick-pocketing is common. It’s a good idea to keep a copy of your passport, visa, and other travel documents at home and a photo on your phone in case they are lost or stolen.

Try to limit payment methods to a credit card. Carrying large amounts of cash makes you a target for robbery. Also, beware of freebies such as USB devices while at The Cup – they might be wired to steal private information or plant malware when you use them.

Always be prepared for an emergency by knowing and storing the location of the U.S. Embassy - it will be your safe haven during a crisis. The U.S. Embassy is located at Bolshoy Devyatinsky Lane, 8, Moskva, Russia, 121099.

Insite can help you prepare for travel to high-risk destinations. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns,

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