Samsung Cleanup Pop-Up = Backdoor Scam

Mobile device scams might start with a false alert like: Your device is running low! or You need to update your device with this antivirus! If you click, then you’re usually taken to an app that does its promised function but also infects your device with malware to steal information.The latest attack targeting over 50,000 Android phones starts when browsing the web. A pop-up (that’s customized to the brand and model of your device) promises a free battery saving app. What’s different is that it redirects you to Google Play – and presto – you’re installed with an ad-clicking backdoor where your device is clicking on ads and the fraudsters are getting paid; all without you knowing it.

Takeaways: Nothing is as secure as you may be told or sold that it is. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and your phone:

  • Download apps from trusted sources – read the reviews & ratings and do a little extra research online.

  • Refrain from viewing sensitive data on public WiFi networks.

  • Install a security app to provide an extra layer of defense for Android phones.

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