Meet Brendan Fry, Insite's Managing Director of Consulting & Protection

The tragic events of 9/11 occurred when I was entering my freshman year of college in New York and it immediately motivated me to join the military. After graduating and six months of intensive nuclear, biological and chemical training, I was deployed to Iraq for 15 months where I served as a Battle Captain, managing the Tactical Operations Center, and as a Civil Military Operations Officer, conducting infrastructure reconstruction projects.

What I do now at Insite draws upon what I learned overseas in the military, which is managing incredibly complex issues and challenges where there is no script. People reach out to Insite when they’re in trouble. Bringing calm to them during a crisis is very important and is something that I learned and put into practice during my time as a leader in the military. My training supports being able to coordinate many moving parts to manage challenging situations that often have stakeholders with different perspectives or needs.

After my time in the military I chose to get my masters in global affairs from NYU. While completing that degree, Goldman Sachs recruited me for a position in their Crisis Management Center, a 24/7 monitoring center set up in New York, London and Hong Kong to coordinate security and business continuity operations around the globe.

At Insite, we have a great team that is willing to collaborate and develop unique solutions to incredibly complex issues - some that we need to respond to very quickly. What's most interesting to me is the diversity of our clients and how we integrate security and intelligence within aspects of international politics, global economy, and business.

Our protection practice is challenging because of the logistics and coordination that is required for a successful operation. A lot of what leads to success is what most clients don't see: the preparation and planning phase. I enjoy working with the Insite team to find the most seamless and unobtrusive solution for our clients.

There are three trends I'm seeing at the moment: One is organizations educating all employees about global risks and providing some level of security awareness and active shooter training to build confidence and self-resilience. It’s become clear that these incidents happen very rapidly and the actions you take in the immediate aftermath could determine if you survive or not. The second is developing internet threat management programs to ensure clients have the most immediate intelligence to help mitigate different concerns, and to proactively get in front of potential issues. The third and most exciting trend is incorporating physical and operational security with new types of ventures such as those holding cryptocurrency assets.

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