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Lessons From Yesterday's Bomb Hoax

Yesterday offered a clear picture of the benefits of outsourced security. As news spread about bomb scares in multiple locations across the country, Insite had already addressed concerns from several clients enrolled in our annual security program who had received the threatening email.

While the FBI, NYPD and other and law enforcement agencies were trying to understand what was happening, Insite's multi-disciplinary team was able to quickly put the emergency in context and we were able to assure our clients that the threat was a hoax. This eliminated disruption to their operations, upset of their workforce and loss of business.

In addition to knowing that Insite's team of experts will be there to triage emergencies on a 24/7/365 basis, clients enrolled in our security programs have confidence going into a scenario like what occurred yesterday. Every program we design starts with an assessment of security operations, which results in a clear roadmap of how to improve physical security across an organization. Then, our experts help our clients implement the plan. Security procedures, training to handle emergencies and other elements of a program design help our clients handle a crisis and minimize the impact of something like the hoax that played out across the nation yesterday.

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