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Traveling Executives Expect Emergency Support

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Research on employee travel has revealed a gap between what executives expect regarding travel security and what their companies can provide. A recent study by online booking and travel expense software companies reveal that 73 percent of business travelers expect their company to proactively contact them within two hours of an emergency event.

That's tough to do when, according to the research, over two-thirds of executives book air and hotels directly or through an online travel agency. This means their booking information may not be visible to the company. 82 percent of business travelers think it is important for their safety that their company know their travel plans, yet less than half say their firm has a system to log their travel plans if they book outside of corporate channels. The lack of visibility of booking data directly impacts a company's ability to meet duty of care responsibilities.

Takeaways: To manage risks inherent in business travel and meet obligations for employee safety, companies can implement a cohesive travel security program that includes:

  • Ongoing advisories on travel to high-risk regions;

  • Security training with a focus on emergency preparedness while traveling; and

  • Pre-trip itinerary risk assessments and threat monitoring with alerts during travel to high-risk destinations.

Want to learn more?

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