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Skeletons in Social Media Closets Aren't Going Away

Nothing remains a secret in the digital domain. Content is cached and even deleted tweets are easily uncovered by those with the means and motivation.

Just look at the recent sequence of exposures in Hollywood that are damaging careers and film studios alike.

Homophobic tweets from 2011 are haunting Kevin Hart, and those involved with the acclaimed film Green Book are damaged by the anti-Muslim tweets screenwriter Nick Vallelonga posted three years ago. In this age of information accessibility and 24-hour news cycle, there are strategies to get ahead of potentially reputation damaging posts from the past:

1) Conduct a preemptive analysis of postings on all social media platforms and open source media outlets to find red flags from the past that might have negative implications in the present. We recommend this forensic 'look-back' for C-Suite executives (and candidates for these positions), high-profile individuals whose name is their brand, and even for athletes being considered for a spot on a professional sports team.

2) Perform ongoing monitoring to keep a finger on the pulse and receive alerts if chatter reveals something that has been unearthed.

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