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Reso Kidnapping Still Offers Valuable Lessons

A new true crime book hit the stands yesterday authored by Insite's own John E. O'Rourke. The title, Mystery, Millions & Murder in New Jersey: The Tragic Kidnapping of Exxon’s Sidney Reso, reveals the subject of the book but the story turns out to be a good case study in understanding the mind of a kidnapper and the importance of situational awareness.

"After studying the case I realized this would be a great true crime book. I set out on my research and interviewed FBI agents, local law enforcement officers and people that knew the kidnappers. This was truly an 'innocence vs. evil' case, Mr. O'Rourke reflected.

Sidney Reso was the International President of Exxon and a power broker in the energy field yet he lived a modest life despite his wealth and position. In 1992, Reso was abducted from the driveway of his New Jersey home and his case became the nation's third-largest kidnapping probe after the Lindbergh baby and newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst. Reso was shot in the arm, bound, gagged and placed in a wooden box that was hidden in a virtually airless storage space, where he died four days after he was kidnapped. A husband and wife motivated by greed and revenge were behind the crime.

Chris Falkenberg, President of Insite noted, "The Reso kidnapping continues, after many years, to impart meaningful lessons about personal security for business executives everywhere. O’Rourke captures details that are valuable to security practitioners and true crime fans alike."

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