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Mark Zuckerberg's Security Costs Have Surged

Spending on Zuckerberg’s personal security increased more than 500% from 2012 to 2017—a sum that doesn’t take into account the $10 million allocated to Zuckerberg in July or the measures the company has taken to harden its defenses at its Menlo Park, California, campus. That compares with a 220% increase in his net worth over that same period, to $56 billion in 2017. Some of the security measures adopted appear ripped from the pages of a Tom Clancy thriller, including a rumored “panic chute” for making quick escapes.

Time and time again, Insite Risk Management president Christopher Falkenberg says, he’s been-hard pressed to find a correlation between a client’s net worth, his or her perceived risk and the amount of security he or she is willing to accept. In many cases, the level of security depends on what information is available about the executive in the public domain.

“Let’s say you have a totally under-the-radar billionaire. Nobody knew who they were,” Falkenberg says. “If that billionaire had a totally ordinary lifestyle, literally lived a life like the dentist down the street … there is no more risk to that person than there is the dentist down the street, unless someone is opening their bank statements.”

Published in Forbes. Click here to read the full article.

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