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The Dominican Republic Upgrades Safety Measures

In response to tourist deaths that occurred in the Dominican Republic, the country's National Committee of Tourism Security has launched a multi-pronged plan to address the areas of concern and integrate new precautions to ensure the safety of visitors. According to CNN, at least 10 American citizens died in the DR since June 2018.

Emergency communications will be handled through a new multi-lingual center set up in Punta Cana and there is a plan to install cameras in public hotel areas that will be connected to 911. Hotel staff will be required to review emergency information with guests upon check-in and within each hotel room, emergency procedures will now be posted.

More regular and extensive governmental inspections have been ordered covering hotel security systems, medical offices, aquatic facilities and food and beverage practices. According to Travel + Leisure, inspectors are being re-trained and will be certified under international standards.

Takeaways: When traveling, check hotel emergency preparedness standards. Always familiarize yourself with emergency exits and it’s wise to have a Plan B in place for emergency evacuation. For frequent travelers or those traveling to high-risk destinations, Insite’s Traveler Safety Program covers situational awareness in foreign environments, emergency evacuation procedures and kidnap prevention techniques. Click here to learn more.

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