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Should You Cancel Your Trip to Europe?

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 increase throughout the world, international travelers are wondering what to do. "Our bottom line: The CDC has not broadly advised against European travel. That's because for healthy people, there is no reason to cancel trips to places not yet affected by sustained community spread," says Christopher Falkenberg, whose firm, Insite Risk Management, addresses the safety needs of global corporations, family offices, and private clients.

When asked about using face masks: "We don't recommend wearing masks when traveling," says Falkenberg. "People are not likely to use them in a consistently effective way. Masks are like a false security blanket that can make you neglect other ordinary but important measures—like washing hands frequently, social distancing, and also food safety."

For the full interview, check out Town & Country.

[NOTE: As of this post, the following locations are "Warning Level 3, Avoid Nonessential Travel" on the CDC watch list: Hong King,Italy, South Korea, Iran and China.]

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