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Return to Office Security Briefing

It is on everyone's mind - When will we be able to get back to our office? How safe will it be?

For company leadership, the questions are more complex. How do I satisfy duty of care obligations for a safe and secure workplace? How do I reopen offices with appropriate precautions? What happens if there is a resurgence of the virus and WFH mandates return?

Insite is helping our clients develop adaptive strategies to resume secure office operations in the age of COVID-19. Our experts have published a security briefing covering “gating criteria” and other thresholds that must be created, met and monitored to ensure a safe workplace during the coronavirus pandemic. Recommendations address security concerns and operational issues including common areas, supplies and cleaning protocols. Our experts offer advice on a phased approach to reopening offices including establishing guidelines as to who is permitted to return to office and when.

Throughout the reopening process, employers need to think about ways in which operations may be different and more secure in this new normal.

Click here to request the Return to Office Security Briefing and schedule a consultation with Insite experts to ensure your workplace is secure and workforce is safe as you reopen office operations.

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