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Keeping Traveling Executives Safe


Situation: Last year, during the widespread rioting across France, we received a call from two client employees who, after completing their business in Paris, decided to take the scenic route back to the UK. The two employees were in the southern France and due to drive to Calais and into the UK. Unfortunately, they ended up driving through areas that were affected by rioting.

Approach: Immediately after the call, Insite analysts completed a risk assessment and recommended an alternative route that avoided riot activity. Additionally, the Insite team rapidly produced a set of security best practices to send to the employees to increase their situational awareness, including local emergency contact information along their route.

Insite's Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) continued to monitor riot activity and sent real time alerts to the employees of any activity that might affect their route.

Outcome: The employees were supported throughout their journey and reached the UK successfully whilst avoiding the riot activity. We were able to provide the client with prompt support in an unforeseen situation.


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