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Summertime Travel Security

As schools let out and summer vacation planning is in full swing, please keep safety top of mind. Just as summer travel is slated to reach pre-pandemic levels, the US State Department has issued a Worldwide Caution on the increased potential for terrorist attacks and demonstrations, and also for violent actions against LGBTQI+ persons and events. Other travel concerns this season include natural disasters and weather-related disruptions.


Now more than ever, it’s important to develop a travel security plan that covers personal health and safety and prepares travelers for emergencies. Here are a few tips and resources:


Personal Health and Safety

  • Both polio and measles have had a resurgence in certain areas of the world so it pays to review a destination’s Travel Health Notices on the CDC website and be sure to know vaccine requirements.

  • During travel, maintain vigilance near transport hubs, tourist attractions, and other “soft targets” with limited security.

  • When out and about, practice good situational awareness. It’s easy to be distracted in new places so keep tabs of your belongings and your surroundings at all times.


Emergency Preparedness

  • Give a copy of your itinerary to a friend or family member who isn’t traveling with you, along with a printout of your passport, driver's license, and emergency information.



  • Avoid posting about travels in real time to protect yourself on the road and maintain security at a vacant home.

  • Consider an extra locking mechanism for hotel doors. A common type is placed behind and under a door to act as a wedge and extra resistance when opening the door; they typically have an alarm mechanism.

Here's to safe travels!


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