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Travel Season is Here! Be Safe.

Summer is upon us, which marks peak travel season. Before you hit the road, adopt a 'safety-first' mindset when planning a trip.

A travel security plan has a few key components: your personal safety, preparing for emergencies, and the security of your data and belongings.

Here are a few tips for novice and seasoned travelers alike:

  • Scan / photograph your passport and driver’s license. It’s best to carry a hard copy and keep digital copies in a password-protected account online.

  • Have your emergency and insurance contact information with you. It is best to do a little research on local emergency facilities and have contact information handy.

  • Give a copy of your itinerary to a friend or family member who isn’t traveling with you, along with a printout of your passport, driver's license, and emergency information.

  • When out and about, practice good situational awareness. It’s easy to be distracted in new places so keep tabs of your belongings and your surroundings at all times.

  • Avoid posting your travels in real time. This has a two-fold benefit: 1) You don’t reveal your whereabouts to a local with malicious intent; and 2) You don’t reveal your home is vacant while you are away.

  • Protect data by downloading a VPN especially if you plan on using public WiFi anywhere on your trip.

  • Consider an extra locking mechanism on your door. A common type is placed behind and under a door to act as a wedge and extra resistance when opening the door; they typically have an alarm to alert you if you are in the room.

  • Check government websites that offer travel advisories and information about disruptions. For example, in the US, check State Department and in the UK check

Safe travels everyone!


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