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Tyler Nakken Joins Insite

With a background in law enforcement and emergency management, Tyler Nakken has joined Insite as a Manager in the Protection practice group. In this position, he oversees domestic protection operations that begin by scoping client requirements and then deploying appropriate resources, which may include armed Executive Protection (EP) personnel and security drivers or unarmed agents when an assignment calls for that level of personnel. Mr. Nakken closely supervises communications and logistics for protection assignments so that clients stay well informed and agents keep current with program changes as they occur. This high-touch approach to management is key to maintaining agile protection operations and a hallmark of Insite's Protection practice group.

Mr. Nakken graduated from the Police Academy in Suffolk County New York and served as a Police Officer in Ocean Beach, NY. Certified nationally and in New York State, he has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for the past four years. Mr. Nakken also holds a Firefighter 1 license, and FEMA Emergency Management, HazMat First Responder Operations, and Emergency Vehicle Operator certifications in the State of New York.

Welcome Tyler!

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