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Highly-credentialed physical security.

Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection (EP) agents have been field-tested in some of the most dangerous places on earth; our people are former Navy SEALs, detectives and Secret Service agents. They make it their business to know everything about our protectees and are expert at moving them from Point A to Point B, safely.


Family Security

We apply the sophisticated methods of Executive Protection to our family security programs. Our goal is to offer elegant, intelligent solutions that respect your privacy and sense of normalcy while reducing anxiety about the people and things you love.  Read the case study.


Event Security

Whether you are planning a black-tie benefit or a shareholder meeting, we help plan a safe event regardless of where it is around the globe. We serve as liaisons with local law enforcement and venue security. Our agents, in business attire or uniforms, know how to move people efficiently through security checkpoints, secure access, monitor the proceedings and respond effectively to any situation. 


Security Drivers

We realize you expect not just security but tact, discretion and a low profile. We take great care in matching clients with the right driver. Our agents are armed and licensed, with government or military training and more extensive tactical experience in high-threat environments than conventional security drivers.


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