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A proactive and responsive safety net.

Personal Information Removal

For a nominal price, anyone can go online and purchase a vast amount of personal information including addresses, phone numbers, and even children’s birthdays. This leaves you vulnerable to possible identity theft and fraud. Our experts continually detect and remove exposed information that is propagated by scores of data brokers and continuously revisit these websites to identify new and/or repeat exposures, then initiate and monitor the removal process. Read the case study.

Social Media Monitoring / Protective Intelligence

Our comprehensive program of “social listening” helps individuals, families, brands and public personas keep on top of the chatter to determine what requires deeper attention. We leverage a proprietary suite of threat-focused monitoring tools and open-source intelligence resources (OSINT) with customized searching and professional threat analysis. We work with each client to customize alert protocols and provide actionable intelligence when they need it. Our Intelligence team advises on escalation procedures and connects seamlessly with our investigators, when threats warrant further inquiry. 

Read the case study.

Social Media Control

Cyber defense starts with taking control of your social media accounts and managing security settings of each platform and the devices you use. Social media companies are always implementing new features and updating default settings. It’s hard to stay current with these details. We help clients manage their profiles, weed through the details of each platform’s nuances, and stay current with best practices.

Read the case study. 

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