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Do you know where your security vulnerabilities lie?

As independent risk management experts, we examine security operations from all angles to identify gaps with best practice solutions. We clearly explain how each identified vulnerability may be exploited and prioritize the solutions needed to enhance your organization’s security posture. If you need support implementing our recommendations, the Insite team is ready to help.

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Our Recommendations Reflect Only Our Clients’ Best Interests

Physical Security Assessments

Insite’s comprehensive risk assessments are conducted in three parts: document review, threat assessment and an onsite survey to audit emergency preparedness, security operations and life-safety measures in place. Our written report includes actionable items to improve security that are listed in order of priority.

Learn more about Insite's proprietary Security Rubric used to audit corporate security programs.

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Security Technology Assessments

Insite provides an unbiased review of security systems including physical access control, video surveillance platforms and visitor management. We provide technical guidance to address security gaps now with an eye on scalability for the future.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM)

The goal of a TSCM sweep is to discover electronic eavesdropping devices and security hazards or weaknesses in interior spaces, vehicles and other locations. All TSCM sweeps are performed in a highly bespoke manner to protect the privacy of our clients.

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