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Are your employees empowered to be a security resource?

The goal of Insite’s security training is to enable people to live safer lives – at work and home. We offer interactive instruction on security essentials to support confident decision-making in a range of circumstances. The most important aspect of our training curriculum is teaching employees how to overcome mental barriers to take life-saving action.

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We Teach Your Workforce To Recognize Danger And Take Action

Security Awareness and Life-Safety

Insite helps companies prepare their staff to work and live more safely. We deliver scenario-based training on topics including Situational Awareness, Active Shooter/Workplace Violence, Insider Threat, Personal Security, Travel Security and more. Each session includes an “Ask the Expert” component to address emerging or specific concerns.

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Information Protection

Insite offers a comprehensive training program to assess the vulnerability of phish-prone users and deliver tailored training plans for each employee based upon baseline testing results. Our program includes ongoing access to a library of interactive training modules, videos, and games to make sure continuing education is engaging and effective.

Specialized Workforces

Guard force training and drills are essential to high-performance security operations. Insite delivers personnel training programs that cover emergency procedures and escalation protocols as well as standard physical security operations. We also perform intrusion testing and after-action reviews to ensure fidelity to guard force performance goals.

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