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How do families stay ready for the unexpected?

Breaking and entering, fires, medical emergencies, natural disasters…location-based risks are real and Insite prepares families to navigate them. Our toolbox approach addresses the full spectrum of crises. We define life-saving actions so families and their staff are ready to handle what comes at them.

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Insite Builds Family Resiliency In The Event Of Emergencies

Emergency Action Plans

Working closely with each family, we design life-safety and security procedures that mitigate the impact of a crisis. We adapt plans for each residence so there is a consistent level of emergency preparedness wherever the family may be. We establish ongoing review and updates to emergency plans to identify ways to strengthen response in future situations..

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Emergency Response

For private clients enrolled in a family security program, we serve as liaisons with local law enforcement and first responders. We are on- call to triage crisis situations and provide ongoing support. All learnings are incorporated into improving family readiness to handle emergencies in the future.

Security Awareness and Life-Safety Training

Insite helps prepare families and their staff to work and live more safely. We deliver highly customized scenario-based training on topics including Situational Awareness, Personal Security, Emergency Preparedness and more. Each session includes an “Ask the Expert” component to address emerging or specific concerns.

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