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In an investigation, facts in context mean everything

Always respecting chain of evidence standards, our investigators use sophisticated data analysis technology coupled with decades of experience to deliver contextual intelligence to our clients. We provide timely actionable reports and clear guidance to enable informed decision-making in investigation matters.

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We Answer Underlying Questions in Sensitive Workplace Matters

Private Investigations

Our team investigates complex criminal and civil matters. When employment malfeasance or terminations warrant inquiry, we perform forensic reviews of data resident on corporate devices. Our investigators work seamlessly with our Intelligence Group to investigate sources of anonymous threats delivered electronically or through social media. 

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Due Diligence

We deliver pre-transactional intelligence to mitigate potential risks to a firm, be it financial, operational, or reputational. Our multi-disciplinary team of investigators, analysts, attorneys and subject matter experts collaborate to provide unparalleled thoroughness in sourcing information about those who are crucial to a deal — those holding positions with a special element of trust.

Employment Investigations

We conduct in-depth pre-employment investigations using proprietary databases and human analysts to ensure that reports are accurate and FCRA compliant. Over time, employees at all levels change. We believe that it is particularly important to perform recurring investigations on certain employees like I.T. managers or personal assistants. Our investigators identify the subtle shifts that are inherent in employees that become insider threats.

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