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Are your travelers focusing on the business at hand?

Insite utilizes ISO 31030:2021 travel risk management and government level security measures to safeguard your employees during business travel.  Our advance work considers emergency medical, linguistic and transportation needs, particularly when opportunities take executives to the developing world or politically unstable regions. We prepare executives to travel safely and during a trip, we geofence locations and provide alerts on disruptions in close proximity.

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Travel Security Programs Help Clients Meet Evolving Duty-Of-Care Standards

Itinerary Assessments

Our analysts conduct a full review of destination and regional risks including street crime and the local political situation. We deliver briefings that are customized to focus on the traveler’s main concerns whether that be security of their devices or the best route from point A to B. All reports offer detailed maps and contact information to help clients manage a full range of emergencies.

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Travel Protection

Insite delivers protective intelligence during trips to unstable regions with alerts about potential disturbances so that executives can proactively adapt their plans. We also coordinate safe transport for executives by providing drivers who know optimal routes between destinations, as well as alternate routes and the location of the nearest trauma center.

Personalized Security Training

We teach our clients situational awareness in foreign environments, emergency evacuation procedures and kidnap prevention techniques. We are often asked to provide in-depth education about unique risks in specific regions. This training helps clients become better prepared to handle a range of emergencies while on the road.

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