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Global Travelers Need a Medical Action Plan

One of the biggest concerns for international travelers is managing a medical emergency in unfamiliar, foreign territory. For peace of mind, it is imperative to prepare a comprehensive plan of action for handling health crises, should one occur.

Advance work is critical before traveling abroad. Perform an itinerary review to make sure all vaccine requirements are met; remember some countries require proof when entering customs.

Be sure to pack an adequate supply of medications – international pharmacies operate differently and some prescriptions may be unobtainable at your destination. Always include basic first-aid supplies for simple wounds and bring preferred over-the-counter solutions for treating stomach issues, colds and allergies.

A comprehensive medical action plan identifies local, vetted medical facilities and provides emergency contact information. When traveling to certain regions or more remote destinations, it is wise to have provisions for medical evacuation, which includes emergency transportation to a safer or more specialized hospital or to the United States if the situation warrants. It is also important to arrange on-call telemedical advisory services and secure access to medical records as part of a comprehensive plan-of-action.

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