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Can you scale up resources when emergencies arise?

Many organizations lack the bandwidth and expertise to manage their security posture every day. Responsibilities range from office security systems that control who enters their workplace to understanding concerning online content about the firm and knowing when threats can spill over into real life. Insite provides the full suite of physical security services to companies, including designing and managing their security department.

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We Manage Programs for the Most Prominent Companies in the World

Security Program Components

Our onboarding process facilitates rapid start-up and covers key executives and office locations. We leverage a holistic approach across security disciplines to deliver a cohesive program that includes:

  • Threat Monitoring

  • 24/7 Crisis Advisory

  • Executive Protection

  • Office Risk Assessments

  • Consistent Security Policies & Procedures

  • Travel Security

  • Emergency Action Plan

  • Security Training

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Security Program Director

Each Corporate Security Program is led by an Insite security director who is supported by our team of disciplinary specialists. The director will serve as the security chief officer – responsible for coordinating all the complementary areas of security and providing a single point of contact for the integrated security program.

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