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Providing On-Call Security

Security threats are escalating. In response, small, fast-growing firms without full-time security directors and departments are relying on our expertise and on-call capabilities. We close the “protection gap” for these firms by acting as their in-house security teams.


Two clients – one an internet business and the other an asset manager – lacked internal security programs. Well aware of the dangers this posed, they turned to us to provide them with dedicated security services.


The key benefits of this cost-effective strategy: Access to our state-of-the-art resources, 24/7 threat monitoring, travel briefings, and expert workforce training. In our role as in-house security advisor to these firms, we: 1) conducted a full review and gap assessment of the safety controls at all their facilities; 2) provided on-call advisory and response capabilities, which encompassed suspicious calls, physical security threats, and social media; 3) offered security briefings and transportation support for employees traveling to high-risk countries; 4) equipped employees with situational awareness training to enable them to respond proactively to suspicious packages, phone calls, and visitors; and 5) assisted with high-risk employee terminations.


Takeaways: On-call advisory and response components are critical to 24/7 security programs. A full gap assessment of office locations is key to identifying security shortfalls. Effective training empowers employees and enlists them as additional security resources.

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