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When does online chatter becomes a threat?

It takes the leading AI-powered platforms coupled with expert analysis to detect threats before they can have an impact. Insite’s Intelligence Group has decades of experience using sophisticated analytical methods to gather and assess open-source information, and communicate mitigation steps using alert protocols customized for each client. We deliver actionable intelligence when it matters most.

The Insite Difference: We connect seamlessly with our investigators when threats warrant further inquiry. Learn more about our Investigations practice.

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Tailored Proactive Defense Against Online Threats

Threat Monitoring

Our Intelligence Team examines content from social networks, industry forums and the deep/dark web to identify and mitigate negative activity targeting our clients. We establish virtual geographic boundaries around key locations and event sites to surface all proximate threats.

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Fraudulent Profile Remediation

Digital impersonations pose ongoing threats for brands and individuals. Bad actors can cause harm and commit fraud by posting fictitious content on social media. We identify fraudulent profiles on major sites - including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - and coordinate removals whenever possible.

Personal Information Removal

The thriving marketplace for consumer data opens a threat vector requiring continuous attention. To reduce exposure to social engineering and unsolicited contact, Insite’s analysts take down our clients’ personal contact information from over 100 data broker websites and report concerning exposures on the dark web.

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