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In an investigation, facts in context mean everything

Insite is known for our investigative capabilities, especially in matters that require a thorough understanding of the law, sophisticated research tools and superior analytical prowess. We have a 20-year track record of getting to the bottom of matters and delivering contextual intelligence to our private clients. We provide timely actionable reports and clear guidance to enable informed decision-making in investigation matters.

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We Answer Underlying Questions In Sensitive Private Matters

Threat and Private Investigations

We investigate complex criminal and civil matters related to family office operations and personal or business issues that arise. Our investigators work seamlessly with our Intelligence Group to understand sources of anonymous threats or unsolicited contacts. Our team monitors those individuals to help prevent dangers in real life.

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Employment Investigations

Family office and household staff have special access to privileged information and require an enhanced pre-employment investigation. Our investigators use proprietary databases coupled with human analysis to ensure that reports are accurate and FCRA compliant.

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