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What Happens When You Need A Private Investigator?

  • A daughter receives a threatening message via social media

  • Designer purses and shoes go missing from the master closet

  • A beloved nanny suddenly becomes short tempered and cites personal issues when asking for a loan

Everyday affluent families face risks and threats by virtue of their standing. When something suspicious happens or a threat is made against a family member, it is critical to act quickly to get to the bottom of the situation. Since 2002, Insite has applied cutting-edge investigation tools, crime solving prowess and old-fashioned investigative leg work to present case facts that enable decisions.

We address stalking and threat cases by utilizing advanced assessment tools and a proven methodology to determine if the subject is on a pathway to violence. Our approach begins with a multi-tiered threat assessment. Upon review of the assessment — often after conferring with a forensic clinician — we develop our mitigation strategy. Taking a holistic approach, our expert investigators deftly manage the most nuanced and potentially explosive matters, de-escalating, redirecting or removing the threat.


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