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How does your firm stay ready for the unexpected?

Protests and civil demonstrations, active shooter situations, medical emergencies, natural disasters…location-based risks are real and Insite prepares companies to manage them. Our toolbox approach addresses the full spectrum of disasters, and we inspect all real-life applications of emergency plans to identify ways to strengthen response in future emergencies. We test capabilities that are critical to emergency preparedness to ensure our clients are ready to handle what comes at them.

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Our “All-Hazards” Approach Helps Firms Prepare for Any Type of Emergency

Emergency Action Plans

Working closely with each organization, we design life-safety and security procedures that mitigate the impact of a crisis. We adapt plans for local offices so there is a consistent level of emergency preparedness throughout the organization. We establish a system for ongoing review and updates to emergency management protocols.

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Tabletop Exercises

We guide management teams governing emergency response through tabletop training exercises. Using a physical security scenario we test fidelity with their Emergency Action Plan. We design each tabletop exercise to reveal potential vulnerabilities and our experts provide an after-action report with findings and recommendations.

Emergency Response

For clients enrolled in a managed security program, Insite’s experts are on-call to triage crisis situations and liaise with local law enforcement and first responders. We provide ongoing support throughout the incident and all learnings are incorporated into improving readiness to handle emergencies in the future.

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