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Do families need enterprise level security? Absolutely!

Affluent families operate like mini global companies. When it comes to safety matters though, an effective family security program must synch with their lifestyle to be effective. With a 20-year track record, Insite has refined the delivery of enterprise-level security that is highly tailored for each of our private clients. Our bespoke approach ensures a fully integrated program that focuses on mitigating everyday situations that create risk and preparing family members and their staff to be resilient in a crisis.

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Insite Safeguards The Most Prominent Families In The World

Security Program Components

Our onboarding process facilitates rapid start-up and coverage of family members and residences. We leverage a holistic approach across security disciplines to deliver a program that includes:

  • Threat Monitoring

  • 24/7 Crisis Advisory

  • Protection Services

  • Residential Risk Assessments

  • Consistent Security Policies & Procedures

  • Travel Security

  • Emergency Action Plan

  • Security Training

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Security Program Director

Each Family Security Program is led by an Insite security director who is supported by our team of disciplinary specialists. The director will be the family’s security lead – responsible for coordinating all the complementary areas of security and providing a single point of contact for the integrated security program.

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