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Keeping Families Safe

Our corporate work frequently leads to home security projects. Wealthy families have dynamic risk profiles; to keep pace, their home security systems must be responsive to their life styles and easily scalable. A business client requested that we assist his family midway into a home renovation. A consultant had designed an overly complex security system using outdated technology. The family wanted to be safe but without sacrificing its freedom and sense of normalcy.


Our redesigned home system was sophisticated yet user friendly. We consulted on security for a second home and when the family built a third residence, we developed a plan encompassing every aspect of its security needs, including 1) assessing the family’s risk profile, which had changed dramatically; 2) vetting and hiring security staff; 3) designing and managing installation of a full-scale physical security system tailored to the family’s life style; 4) working with the client’s IT staff to design compatible home cyber security; and 5) managing the security system, a dynamic process, since the head of the family has become more openly philanthropic.


Takeaways: Families have many moving parts and their security programs must constantly balance safety and lifestyle needs. Home computer security is often too lax and can hemorrhage information, putting a family at serious risk. Security programs should be constantly monitored and adjusted as a family grows and evolves.

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