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We offer world-class protection with utmost discretion

Insite has a 20-year track record of safeguarding some of the world’s most prominent families with bespoke protection programs. We manage a roster of highly credentialed security agents backed by a team of intelligence analysts who deliver alerts and advice when developments may adversely impact our clients. Our tailored family protection programs are informed by actionable intelligence, which is the highest standard of protection available.

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Insite Protects High-Profile Families Around The World

Personal Protection

Insite’s trained agents have extensive experience safeguarding executives, families, and dignitaries. They have been field-tested in some of the most dangerous places on earth. Our leadership carefully match agents to the clients they protect, and we have proven communication tools and methods to make sure everyone stays connected.

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Event Security

During events, Insite’s discreet agents serve as the first point of protection should there be a medical emergency or crisis. We use a layered protection strategy for each private event we secure. Advance work and guard post orders are just part of the planning phase. Our intelligence analysts also set proximity alerts for potential disruptions.

Security Drivers

Insite specializes in protecting our families when traveling from point A to point B. Our agents are armed and licensed, with government or military training and more extensive tactical experience in high-threat environments than conventional chauffeurs. In the close personal proximity these assignments require, we deliver not just security but tact and discretion.

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