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Do You Need A Security Driver? Read This.

Moving from Point A to Point B is often the part of life that carries inordinate risk, especially for high-profile executives and prominent families. A Security Driver is one of the best ways to mitigate risks that arise during transport on the ground. These specialized agents are trained to manage dangers ranging from navigating street-level disruptions to thwarting kidnapping attempts to handling medical emergencies.

Security Drivers shouldn’t be confused with chauffeurs. They are not only skilled in defensive and offensive driving tactics, but they are also experts in making decisions in emergencies. Most Security Drivers are ex-law enforcement officers who are trained observers and naturally perform counter-surveillance for emerging threats.

Here are key reasons Security Drivers are a critical element to any executive or family protection program:

  • They are experts at recognizing trouble and avoiding threatening situations.

  • They have life-saving and medical emergency training, and know the nearest trauma centers, emergency rooms, fire stations and outpatient facilities.

  • They are experts in defensive driving maneuvers and constantly drill to keep their skills fresh.

  • They are often part of a larger intelligence network from local law enforcement or private security resources.

A Note About Corporate Duty of Care

It is a company’s obligation to protect its people especially when they travel for business. Ground transportation is often the most overlooked risk for traveling executives. A Security Driver is one of the best ways to fulfill on duty of care standards when looking at reasonable steps to mitigate risk for traveling employees.


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