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Are You Prepared For Emergencies When Traveling?

Whether traveling on business or for pleasure, it is important to cultivate a travel security mindset to ensure your safety when in unfamiliar settings. Travelers to foreign countries have an increased risk profile because they are viewed by many criminals as wealthy, naïve targets, unfamiliar with the culture, and inept at seeking assistance once victimized.

How to do counter the threats of harm while traveling? Prepare for the unexpected by completing personalized security training that offers sound strategies for personal safety and also focuses on specific risks related to your destination. This type of training will cover local crime trends and recent terrorism, civil unrest or protest activity. Instruction on situational awareness will increase your ability to identify, process and comprehend the critical information about emergency situations.

Personalized travel security training typically covers measures like establishing local points of contact for nearest medical facilities and the US embassy and consulate. Training should also cover phone vulnerabilities including alternative contact methods such as SMS or services like WhatsApp in case cell phone service is compromised in a crisis event. Raising awareness around hotel security and fire safety is a critical component to personalized training sessions for travelers.


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