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Diligence Is Required For C-Suite Hires

Completing a background check on employees might seem like a no-brainer for most companies, where the standard includes checking criminal and academic histories. But when hiring for a C-level position, what additional steps should be taken for candidates who have a solid career history?

A thorough diligence process for candidates of leadership positions will mitigate risks that could negatively affect a company and its brand reputation. Diligence for a C-level hire should include an in-depth look at their educational background, business associations including any Board positions, and licensure if in a regulated industry. C-suite hires should be prepared for transparency around their investments and personal financial status. Ten years is a minimum lookback period and the investigation should cover all jurisdictions the candidate lived and worked in during this period.

It is not uncommon that investigators conduct interviews with references and former employees rather than the hiring company’s HR department because they are skilled in developing additional sources of information about the candidate. An investigator will follow-up with interviews with those leads, which can shed even more light on the person under consideration.


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