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Training A Specialized Workforce

Personnel serving as front line security require ongoing training to not only keep their skillset sharp but also to learn tactics to mitigate emerging threats. In some cases, security agents assigned to protect corporate executives and offices must maintain licensure and life-safety certifications. It is a security best practice to conduct regular drills to ensure a corporate guard force maintains fidelity of corporate emergency response procedures. An often-overlooked specialized workforce that serves as front line security are doormen of luxury residential buildings. How do companies offer ongoing support for these specialized workforces on the front line of security?

Insite provides security training for specialized workforces. Curriculum can cover:

  • Security mindset, situational awareness and managing suspicious activities

  • Life-safety tools and practices (CPR and stop the bleed)

  • Emergency management and response procedures

  • Workplace violence and conflict de-escalation strategies

  • Helping auxiliary employees act as force multipliers to enhance security when needed


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